SCIMEX Quality Service

SCIMEX controllers are qualified and certified to implement the best control solutions and thus preserve the safety of your staff, respect your specifications, guarantee the state of conservation of your installations and the quality of your equipments.

Certifications and habilitation:

  • COFREND CIFM level 2 and level 3
  • Personnel legally entitled on asbestos sites (SS4)
  • All the technicians are qualified to work on ropes (CQP1 and CQP2), to confined space (CATEC) as well as in petrochemical and offshore environments (BOSIET HUET).

Our expertise responds to demanding processes, guarantor of a fast, rigorous and transparent management.

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Démarche ISO 9001 en cours pour certification fin de 1er semestre 2021

The benefits of working with SCIMEX

  • Competences added to STAM’s work experiences
  • A great adaptability to the intervention conditions
  • An experience particularly known for hydroelectric works
  • Flexibility and reactivity for the implementation of rope access techniques
  • Strong team’s certifications and qualifications
  • Drafting and validation by certified COFREND level 3 agents of the control procedures